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Spirit Whispers

Coincidence or Divine Timing? I believe in Divine Timing. In August, 2021, I read about an opportunity to become a published author. I could apply to write a chapter for a metaphysical book, "Evolving On Purpose..." with Katie Carey and her publishing company. I had the opportunity to be part of a similar project in Spring, 2020, but did not seize that opportunity. I often "wished" I had and decided if another opportunity came, I would dive in. My brother's Crossing Over was the catalyst which sparked my psychic development and lead to the creation of my business, Kare Reiki. The opportunity came on his Angel Anniversary (date of crossing). This was a clear sign and not a mere coincidence! I committed and became a part of this book which will be part of my legacy. I will continue to listen to the nudges and Divine Timing occurrences to help me develop to reach my highest self. I encourage you to listen to the nudges and Divine Timing. There are no coincidences.🤍

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