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*There are more reviews on Kare Reiki's Facebook page and on Google.

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"It is a blessing to do this work.  I am always touched by the amount of love and healing received from Spirit.  I am humbled by these kind words."

With Gratitude & Love,


"I never expected you to be as good and correct as you were. You have made me a believer."  4/17/22 CH, St. Louis, MO


"Since my first reading with Kare, I felt a true connection and knew I could trust her readings. She’s been completely authentic and open with me and her reading are always spot on. She never wants to talk about what’s going on in my life and wants to learn thru the cards, which is what shows me she takes it as seriously as I do. She’s also very warm and inviting so it’s easy to feel safe and accepted while getting your reading done. I even started bringing my mom, and it’s helped her immensely as well!"  6/25/21 Hannah, Iowa


"I had a Tarot phone session with Kare Reiki this Saturday, May 21, 2021. It was amazing! Kare was able to pick up on things intuitively without my assistance.  She told me what I needed to hear. 
I chose Kare again because in the past, when she read for me in February or so of 2018, she stated that I would get either a new job or a promotion that April. I received the promotion that April just as Kare Reiki saw. 
I highly recommend Kare Reiki to family and Friends! 

Thank you Kare Reiki!!"  Angie Jo St. Charles, MO   May, 2021

"Kare is a joy to work with.   She is warm and empathetic.  She found my hip pain before it started hurting.  I soon after got a bursitis diagnosis.  I have been back since and found relief through Reiki.  Reiki also helps my emotional pain and when I leave I feel like a weight was lifted.  I enjoyed talking with Kare, as well.  She is a lovely person."  M.B. St. Louis, MO   January, 2021

"I just had an amazing reading with Kare. I had never had a private reading before and would have been happy to walk away with just a couple nuggets of connection with loved ones who have passed. What I ended up with was so much more! She was able to connect with my grandfather. It was undeniable that he was coming through. I didn't know it was possible to have such a strong reading! The connections she provided from him has left me with a feeling of calm and has truly touched my heart. I am amazed! What a life changing experience!"   Amanda S.  St. Louis, MO, September, 2020 *pictured to the right, Grandpa & Amanda


"I was sitting there thinking, come on, Bro, show yourself!  As Kare and Lisa then started describing a male, it started sounding more and more like my brother.  Bad, Bad Leroy Brown,  being out in the country, James Dean.  Then, Kare hesitated as she said, 'He's not very...polished.'  I was pretty sure then that it was my brother, Dean" Debra, May, 2020, Messages From Heaven online event via Zoom

*pictured to the left Debra &Dean

"Kare and Lisa work as a team to create a comfortable atmosphere of acceptance and support when they connect with loved ones on the Other Side. Their insights were spot on and reached my heart very deeply." Hedi Connolly, Oregon  May, 2020

"The reading I had was my Grandfather.  I never got to meet him, so thank you.  Now I feel like I kind of did." Katie A.  St. Louis, MO  October, 2019

"Details were shown that were 'right on'. I think Kare was totally in tune with the Spirit World." Patti P.  St. Louis, MO  October, 2019


Reviews for Reiki Classes:

"It was both educational and enjoyable; very eye-opening." S.H. St. Louis, MO  August, 2021

"Kare brought a relaxed and fun attitude to our Reiki class.  I felt comfortable asking questions and sharing my perceptions. I am more introverted, so this was nice to feel."  A.H. Troy, MO  August, 2021

"Reiki I & II classes with Kare are invaluable. The skill of energy healing gives me a higher purpose and has already enhanced my self-confidence.  Kare is professional, kind, and giving. I value the experience more than I can express. Reiki is a life-changing adventure."  Shaina S.  Moscow Mills, MO  August, 2021

"Exceeded my expectations." J.G. St. Louis, MO  2018

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