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Spirit Whispers

Feeling nudges and signs from spirit is part of being a Psychic Medium. I also believe that we all get signs. Sometimes they are subtle and we "miss" them or doubt them. If you get goosebumps or a "feeling" when you see these signs, honor those perceptions from your own body. These are validating the signs for you. It is so easy to think we are reading into something or trying to make it fit. For me, I find the signs are simple yet powerful. They always seem to show up when I need them. So, if you see feathers, coins, numbers, a certain animal, etc. and associate that with a sign from a loved one or a Spirit Guide, then it is. For me, Spirit uses the simple things as signs. In some readings I have seen everyday items like lemons, Oreo cookies, or butterflies. These simple things always have meaning for The Sitter. Don't dismiss the simple things or signs. You are being nudged.



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